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The Commercial Fences Hays County Trusts

When you're looking for the commercial fences Hays County relies on, we've got you covered. With nearly two decades in the commercial fencing industry, we know what's important to your business: Quality Workmanship that's on time and on budget. At Freedom Fence and Gates, we understand those priorities and we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

industrial metal fence
Batting Cage fencing

Industrial Fencing and Gates

At Freedom Fence and Gates, we can construct and install fencing for light commercial to heavy industrial properties. Whether your goal is to provide protection, increase value or heighten aesthetics, we can meet and exceed your needs with our commercial fences in Hays County. We take pride in offering high-quality materials and design.

Schools, Athletic Fields and Municipal Fences

We have a long history of building fences for a wide variety of city, county, and recreational facilities.  We are highly budget conscious and can create a safe and functional perimeter that adheres to the existing look and feel of the property.

Freedom_Fence_and_Gates_Austin (22).png
Freedom_Fence_and_Gates_Austin (2).png

Construction Site Fences

 We can create a perimeter that protects equipment and provides a safe boundary for the general public.  Our team is certified, licensed, bonded and insured to give your team peace of mind.

Access Control Gates

Commercial gate needs are as unique as the businesses behind them.  We understand the importance of designing a solution that ensures proper functionality and durability for years to come.

Recent Projects

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