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The Gate and Fence Repair Hays County Counts On

Looking for the fence repair Hays County trusts? Turn to Freedom Fence and Gates. Our team of experts provide free estimates to determine the best path forward. For nearly 20 years, we've repaired or replaced nearly every type of fence on the market. Let our technicians evaluate the best solutions for your design and budget.

metal fence pole replacing
sagging fence

Pole Replacement

Solid poles are the foundation of any well maintained fence.  If your fence posts need repair or complete replacement, we have both wooden and metal options available.

Sagging Boards

It's not uncommon to see entire sections of a fence that are sagging and in need of shoring up.  Careful assessment is needed to determine the cause of instability and to figure out a long-term solution.  We offer free, no-obligation evaluations to help you nail down a solid repair plan.

drilling crooked gate
replacement fence board

Crooked Gates

At Freedom, we can get your gate straight! Whether it's sagging or dragging, we have a fix that's built to stand continued use and the test of time. We offer the fence repair Hays County residents depend on.

Missing Panels

With this unpredictable Texas weather, wood fences require periodic maintenance.  Wind or wet ground can cause damage and the need for eventual wood replacement.  We offer a wide selection of panels and slats in a variety of styles and sizes.

Recent Projects

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