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Austin Area Trends in Fence Design for 2023

At Freedom Fence and Gates, we get many different requests for styles, designs and colors when it comes to fencing. We can honestly say, we’ve worked with nearly every material on the market. From aluminum and vinyl to wood and wire, each type of fence has its own distinct look and feel. Functionality is always on the top of our customer’s list when it comes to choosing a fence, but there are many different ways to achieve that goal. Here are a few of the local trends that we see taking over in 2023.

Wood is Always Good

Whether pine or cedar, wood is, hands down, the most popular option for homeowners in the Austin area. Cap and trim fences, horizontal slats and picket fences are a definite go-to. One of my personal favorites is this spaced picket fence we recently completed. The homeowners chose this type of fence as an entry way to their mother-in-law suite. It provides privacy and security while still allowing a view.

For larger properties, a tried-and-true split rail fence fits the bill keeping livestock and other large animals in place while marking property boundaries. Customers like the natural wooden look which requires no painting. Plus, split rail fencing materials are given special treatment before installation making them durable against the outdoor elements.

Fence Materials that Rock

Austin stone is readily available in central Texas making it an

affordable material for fences while providing beauty and stability. We love the look of this retaining wall, giving the homeowner a little more privacy for his pool area. Again, it’s virtually maintenance free except for a little power washing every now and then.

Heavy Metals are Music to the Ears

Metal fencing is growing in popularity across the board. There are now more affordable options that use steel for its strength, durability, and attractive wrought-iron appearance. At Freedom Fence and Gates, we also proudly install Ameristar iron fencing. Ameristar is the world’s largest manufacturer of decorative steel fences produced in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes.

No matter what type of fence you’re seeking, our experts at Freedom Fence and Gates can help custom design a fencing solution for you--on time and on budget! Contact us today for a free estimate.

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